Each week, we are proud to present a "Focus Interview" with a member of our team.

This week we feature Sarah, who joined us upon leaving school in 1990. Sarah has worked her way up through all aspects of hairdressing and is our Staff Manageress. She has managed to maintain a loyal clientele and have four children!

What's your “super-challenge”?

I think my super-challenge is being a Mum of twin 4-year-old girls. It's been my toughest role to date! Being in the Salon is my “sanctuary”. I really enjoy spending time with our team and the coffee is great too!

There are many types of people, are there any you don't like?

I'm very patient, but find it a really sad when people are rude or have no manners! Not a problem with my lovely clients, fortunately.

What's your greatest weakness as a manager?

My weakness is probably my tendency to always see the best in people, which can sometimes show me as weak. BIG mistake!!

How do you like to relax?

I love going out for dinner and catching up with friends with a glass (or two) of fizz. I also find the occasional spa day very therapeutic.